Aroma Wear Candles

Frequently Asked Questions


    • How many scents do the candles come in?    A:  10
    • What colours do the candles come in?    A:  All candles come in a natural cream colour.
    • How many ounces in the candle?    A:  14 oz.
    • How many hours does the candle burn?    A:  Approx 34-48 hours.
    • How is the jewellery inserted in the candle?    A:  Jewellery and appraisal are placed in a plastic zip-top bag.  Then the bag is wrapped tightly in aluminum foil and pushed down in the wax.
    • How do customers get the jewellery out?    A:  Burn the candle until you see the aluminum foil.  Blow the candle out and wait a few minutes to cool.  Gently pull out the foil bundle with tweezers.
    • How do I know what the value is of the jewellery?    A:  A written appraisal is included with the jewellery.
    • Do some candles come with 2 pieces of jewellery?    A:  Yes.  There are a few sets (ie:  wedding ring, engagement ring set).
    • Will my ring (bracelet, necklace) look like the one in the picture?    A:  While we post pictures of many of our jewellery treasures, not all of them are shown on the website.  Therefore you may, or may not, receive a piece of jewellery pictured on the website .
    • Will my ring change colour?    A:  Many of our rings, bracelets and necklaces are stamped 925 SS (sterling silver) or 18K GP (gold plated).  While this ensures beautiful jewellery, you must be made aware that this is mainly a plating.  This means that the plating will eventually wear off and a different metal will be exposed, which is usually brass.  Our best advice is to wear your jewellery occasionally.  If plated jewellery is worn every day, the plating will wear off quicker.  Jewellery that states solid 925 sterling silver is not plated and will not lose its colour. 
    • Will my ring tarnish?    A:  Sometimes people’s fingers turn green when they wear silver jewellery. Contrary to myth, this happens with 925 sterling silver as well as “fake” silver. The copper in sterling silver can cause a reaction depending on your particular skin make-up, the foods you eat, and air quality where you live. This happens with 2-3% of the population, and the instances of it happening are rising due to the chemical composition of the foods available to us. If your finger turns green while wearing a sterling silver ring, there are several things you can do to keep it from happening again.

      First, polish your piece with a soft cloth. If you clean the piece daily, the reaction may stop happening after a week or so.  Soak your ring in a 50/50 mixture of ammonia and water for a day or two.  Make sure your skin is dry when wearing your jewelry. Take your ring off before you wash your hands and dry your finger thoroughly before putting it back on.

    • What is the jewellery valued at?    A: Full retail value of $25.00 - $2000.00

    • How many $2000.00 pieces of jewellery?    A: 1 in 1000

    • What is the average breakdown of 100 pieces of jewellery?
A: 80 = appraisal of $50.00 - $85.00
10 = appraisal of $25.00 - $30.00
6 = appraisal of $85.00 - $125.00
2 = appraisal of $250.00